VIDEO:Variations in WooCommerce

Are you confused by Variations?

Do you know how to use them in your WooCommerce store?

I’ve written articles on variations Here and Here to get you started with the what and why.

In this video, I show you exactly how to add four variations to a WooCommerce product page and add different prices to each item.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.

Variations in eCommerce

No Variations

The last article was about the importance of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). This article is about Variations in WooCommerce. How do you handle all the SKUs we discussed in What is an SKU in WooCommerce. In 2006, WordPress, and its various eCommerce plugins could not handle Variations. That one missing feature caused me to choose ZenCart in … Read more

What is an SKU in WooCommerce?

SKU Chart

What is an SKU in WooCommerce? The three letter acronym, SKU, stands for Stock Keeping Unit. The term has been in existence for some time, but the history is vague. SKUs are ways of tracking merchandise. Each item type needs a unique code to differentiate it from similar items. Let’s look at an example T-shirts make … Read more


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