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New Startup Struggles

Starting a new business of any kind is not without struggles. It will take longer and cost more than you budgeted and that is where I’m at this moment. 

Starting this new venture hasn’t cost a lot of money, but since time is money, I guess that isn’t entirely true. I thought six weeks would be enough time to get everything ready to launch. Not even close.

I’m three months in and still don’t have all the pieces ready to roll. 

Not my first Rodeo

In four different business starts, none have taken this long. Granted they were different types of businesses, but still. 

Two were service oriented, one was retail, and the last was online. This one is a combination of those.

Bizness Unusual is an eCommerce development company with the idea of doing websites for customers as well as tutorials and online courses. Not one piece of that is ready for roll-out at this moment. 

Where did the Time Go

There were four initial ideas to sort through. Three involved websites and one, a book I’ve toyed with for years. Bizness Unusual was only one of them. 

So what did I do? I tried chasing multiple rabbits, and the saying is true. He who chases two rabbits catches none.

I tried working on all three websites and the book and now three months have passed, and none are where they need to be. Time to focus.

I have stopped working on everything but Bizness Unusual. And a host of other challenges cropped up. 

Just a Simple Screencast

I wanted to record screencast tutorial videos. Okay, easy enough. I began my testing with the open source app, CamStudio. It works well enough for what I need, except when imported into Microsoft Video editing software, there is no video. The audio is perfect, but no video at all.

First, jump on Google and search for a quick answer. The problem is widespread, but the solutions don’t work for me. 

Second, jump on YouTube with the same results. After trying all the answers, still nothing.

The entire day shot trying to figure out why I had great audio but no video. I’m sure it was a codec issue. 

I finally got a group of settings that worked but only after six hours of digging, trying different solutions, and failing a lot. Mostly the whole day for something I thought would work out of the box. 

Just a Simple Video Edit

Then the next day, work started in the new Microsoft Photos app, where they rolled a pretend version of Movie Maker. Microsoft needs to address a lot of issues there.

After hours of trying to get it to do what I needed, I headed to Google again. Later, I found a link to the original Movie Maker, and it still works in Windows 10. That was a second day for a simple task. 

I know I’m getting somewhere, but it sure is slow. I do feel good about the progress, even if it is behind schedule.

Just a Simple Graphic

Oh, and the image at the top of the post if another story of its own. Who said building custom graphics was easy? Canva anyone?

How have your projects gone? 

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