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What is an SKU in WooCommerce?

What is an SKU in WooCommerce? The three letter acronym, SKU, stands for Stock Keeping Unit. The term has been in existence for some time, but the history is vague.

SKUs are ways of tracking merchandise. Each item type needs a unique code to differentiate it from similar items.

Let’s look at an example

T-shirts make a good comparison. They come in many colors, sizes, and descriptions. Selling T-shirts could get confusing without SKU numbers.

Let’s say we carry blue t-shirts in 5 sizes, with pockets and without, and three shades of blue. A customer orders a blue t-shirt, but which one. There are 30 different choices from the above items. Then there is Red, Yellow, Green, and Orange T-shirts, too.

Let’s look at the options.




X=smalllight, medium, dark bluepocket, not pocket
Smalllight, medium, dark bluepocket, not pocket
Mediumlight, medium, dark bluepocket, not pocket
Largelight, medium, dark bluepocket, not pocket
X-largelight, medium, dark bluepocket, not pocket

All these combinations make 30 different items or SKUs.

X-small, light blue, pocket
X-small, medium blue, pocket
X-small, dark blue, pocket
X-small, light blue, no pocket
X-small, medium blue, no pocket
X-small, dark blue, no pocket
Then the same combinations with the Small, Medium, Large, and X-large T-shirts.

You get the idea.

Each item needs its own SKU to identify it from the rest. It should be as simple as required.


I’m not sure this would be the best combination because other items in your inventory could use the same initials.

You may also sell sweat pants in 5 sizes, with three shades of blue, and with or without pockets.

See, as simple as needed, but as complicated as necessary.

Does this help with confusion around SKUs?

What do you think?

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